14.01.2018 Everydaylife

Happy 2018!

So! Here we are!
Yet another year that will continue to go in a completely different direction, than originally planned.
My 2017 became quite different than first anticipated.
I had such great goals when it came to fitness, work, social life and so on. Then, life happen.
Just two weeks into 2017, my ankle collapsed and I was suddenly left on crutches and sickness-leave. For almost two months I was stuck on crutches, making dating and social life slightly more awkward and difficult than it shouldve been. You try getting around sexy and seducing, while holding onto two metal sticks. The sickness-leave itself turned out to last a total of 8 months! Then eventually my luck started to turn around and when September came, I got a new job and got back to work, moved into my own house (not even close to Oslo, which was where I originally was planning to move), after an awkward summer with guests I probably shouldnt have introduced to my family. Then finally, one November day, the hospital announced that I wouldnt have to go through with the surgery after all and I was declared fit to start exercising again!

So as said. Here we are! 2018! The golden year. The year of opportunity. hashtag hashtag, goals goals and so on. Yeah.. no. I started the year head first out the front door, ripping a giant hole in my favorite jeans. Not even a cool tear, like a grungy, rock-n-roll ish tear. No.. a full-on: omg wtf has happened to you kinda tear. So as you could imagine, for a brief moment, I got slightly worried that this was simply a little preview of what to come in the year of 2018. BUT, as the overly positive yes person that I am brushed off the snow and got back up, I refuse to succumb to such paranoia and went on with my day, not giving a single fuck!

2018, bring it!

14.05.2017 Everydaylife

A cup of not giving a f*** tea


It's a glorious feeling, the sense of self-awareness.

Since last fall, my life has truly been an emotional rollercoaster. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. It has. To completely change my life like I did, to stop what had defined me as a person for the last 8 years, to get out of an extremely poisonous relationship, to start EVERYTHING over again. Ground zero. It's a bizarre feeling. Like being a completely blank canvas, floating around in limbo. Not really having a home. Not having any proper sense of who I now shall be. My entire adult life, I have been defined and judged by my appearance, my weight and my measurements. 
But that is not the case anymore. That stopped last fall. But at the same time, I was left with the feeling of being incredibly stupid. I felt that after all these years, I was left less intellectual. Like I didn't have anything proper to bring to the conversations. Not only was my vocabulary lacking as I came back. Going from English to Norwegian just didn't feel right anymore and I felt I couldn't keep proper conversations in it, though I tried. 
I felt that most of whom I talked to, were so much smarter than I was. Using fancy words, having fancy educations, being updated and talking about the latest of political news and so on. No one ever told me I sounded dumb. It was simply a feeling I had. I felt embarrassed. It created a strange sensation of being lonely while being social. 
Starting from scratch, rebuilding myself work and life vice, mending my mentality and ego back to health after very bad relationships and trying to figure out what I truly want in life, has been a hell of a ride! 
I've felt lonely, needy, scared and confused. I've made mistakes. I've probably confused others as well. I've had periods where I could probably have perked up and been more spontaneous and other times where I should probably have been LESS spontaneous.  It's been a process. And now, I
am so happy about it!
The great thing about going through a process is that when it's done, I get to look back with clarity and understand why I did what I did and felt like I felt. All those feelings of being scared, lonely and dumb, have changed into joy, confidence and being my own best friend and not my worst enemy. That the only opinion about me that matters is my own. To stop giving a fuck about everyone else's. Ain't nobody got time for that!

And at last, realizing that starting over and being a blank canvas isn't failure. It means that this time around, with everything I've learned in the past, I get to rebuild myself 2.0 style!



12.03.2017 Photo

The perfect blog camera?


For quite some time now, I've been researching cameras. Many of you know, a little over a year ago, someone stole all my camera equipment back in Milan. What a sad day that was. I guess that was one of the many reasons why I fell behind on the blogging part. I never liked just taking photos with my phone. Even if it's a great camera, it's just not the same. You can't reach the same sort of quality! A proper camera catches so much more than a phone. To me, it catches feelings as well. So when I'm out and about, traveling, working or simply just having a great time, I would like to make those moments immortal the best way I can. I'm sure many of you feel exactly the same way.

So I've come across this camera, which many describes as the ultimate blogger and everyday camera. The Olympus Pen E-PL7. I've been reading about it for quite some time now and feel that I'm closing in on a decision. But still, I like being thorough and figured I could write a post about it and if anyone have any thoughts about it, feel free to tell me all about it in the comment section! 

Such a beauty of a camera, don't you think!





11.03.2017 Everydaylife

My life is like the Ed Sheeran song


Hi, guys! Today, like all the previous days have been for the last 7 weeks, has been completely and utterly eventless. But that's ok! The weather has been great, so I've been able to actually sit and marinate a bit in the sun! Get some tan and vitamines! Lord knows I need'em both! I'm so white these days, you're gonna risk going snowblind just by looking at me! And the scary thing is that I've STILL got tan lines from last year, which means it could be even worse! I feel like I can relate so much more to old people these days. Sitting, drinking coffee and then sitting some more. Legs not working like they used to before. It's like I'm living out Ed Sheeran's song, just without the guy being there for me. It's in situations like these I realize that men and boyfriends actually could be of use! Having a puppet, sorry! meant boyfriend, to fetch me whatever I need! But then again, having them doing that for you, sort of obligates you to take care of them, when the occasional man-flu comes to town! We all know we ain't got no time for that! So I'll power trough alone! Only 6'ish more weeks! I can do this!

Wish you all a fabulous Saturday!


10.03.2017 Videoblog

My body is ruining my life! (videoblog)




05.01.2017 Blog

Goodbye 2016

It's easy to fake things these days. It doesn't take more than some filters and hashtags to make something seem so much more than it necessarily is. 2016 was a hell of a year for me, sprinkled with a few good moments. 
2016 was the year that it all would get so bad, that I finally would get out and away from the darkness. The year I would get away from a person who treated me so very badly and took me for granted. The year where I would finally find myself again and start practicing self-love. 

The year I would finally be free.

It has been one one the most educational years of my life. It has thought me so much about myself, love, people, family, friend and most of all life. I was forced to make some big life changing decisions. Economically and personally. Forced to deal with betrayal. To start over. To start fresh. 

And it is truly the best thing that could've ever happened to me. It made me realize just how much I am capable of doing and most important, how much I am worth and what I truly deserve in life.

So here we are. 2017. I feel so lucky! Lucky because I now get to enter the new year with a big smile on my face. Not tears in my eyes. With true friends, a loving family, several career options, good health and the option of actually finding REAL love, if it were to come along. That there are nothing and no one in my life anymore that can drag me down, step on me or steal my energy and happiness. 

That whatever poison that was in my life, is gone for good. All that is left is lots and lots of love<3

I wish you all a truly happy new year<3

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24.09.2016 Exercise

Time to lose some weight!

Haha, don't worry, it's not like I have a lot to take off. But after I said goodbye to modeling, let's say that it has been a constant vacation for my eating habits and obviously, over time, that leads to a few kg extra. It's not like it makes a big difference on me. But I have always been one size and I have no plan on changing that anytime soon. So when my pants feel tighter, I eat healthier and work out more! After all, too much sugar over time isn't good for anyone, so it's good to get into a good and healthy eating routine, and then maybe enjoy a bit extra Saturday night!

I feel like so many things are falling into place in my life right now. My job is great and I really enjoy working there! My car is amazing and I have my freedom back. This weekend I will be doing things, normal things that I haven't been doing in a long time. For example going to a proper birthday party, which I am tonight! Really excited about that. I will also be baking mini cupcakes today, for my cousins confirmation tomorrow. Wow, haven't been baking in such a long time! I used to LOVE it! 

So those are my plans for now! Hope you all will have a great weekend!


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19.09.2016 Everydaylife

I've got it! My new BMW!

Yeay! everything came trough today and I got my car! I'm so excited! Now I can show it to you guys! I am so in love with it. It's a BMW 1 series! Just signed the contract a few hours ago and I will be picking it up tomorrow! Point two: check! Here are some photos of it! What do you think?

Can't wait to drive around in this beauty!

18.09.2016 Everydaylife

More good news!

Ah, this week has really been a good week. I don't know if it's luck or if it's persistent work or what it is, but it seems like all the pieces keep falling into place. over the weekendIi have been looking at several cars, and it seems like i have found the one! I will know for sure tomorrow morning and if it goes trough, i will have checked of the second point on my list: getting a car! And an amazing one to! But that i will show you guys tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have my first day in my new job! I am so excited! Nervous as well, but that is normal. It seems to be a job I can learn a lot in and work my way up a bit the more I learn, which is something I think is amazing. So I'm spending my Sunday relaxing and watching some movies. Just taking it completely chill! Also stole a few homemade chocolate chip cookies from my sister who also lives on the farm haha. The perks of a family farm!

Hope you'all had a great weekend and a relaxing Sunday!

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16.09.2016 Everydaylife

A new adventure is starting!

Full-time job: CHECK!

I did it you guys! 4 days after returning back from Milan with all my things, I got myself a full-time job! I'm starting Monday! I am so excited! Because no matter how  sure I was about getting a job fast, you never know. Especially since in Norway these days, it's more difficult to get work and especially a 100% firm job, not a temp. So I am so freaking lucky! My schedule is right on track! Ka-bam! Point one on my list, DONE! Now on to the next one. Finding and buying a car. That will  definitely be easier than the job part!

It feels so good to check off the boxes on my imaginary list. The feeling of progress. After car comes a home since i am staying at my family farm for now. My goal is to buy something as soon as I am able to, as I prefer owning and paying down a loan than "throwing away" money on rent. But obviously, I still have a way to go before I will be ready for that. But a girl can dream! Dreams do come true! Can't wait to prepare it all, so my love can finally move to Norway aswell<3

Wish you all a great day! Hope you 




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14.09.2016 Everydaylife

A casting for "normal" people

Hey guys! Since the 1st of September until the 11th I drove down to Milan, all the way from Norway with my dad! We figured it was the most fun and easiest way to bring aaaaaall my stuff and my two cats and obviously some Italian food and wine for my dad, with us back to Norway. The trip took 20 hours, even though going down took about 6 extra hours since almost all of Germany was closed down due to roadwork! Mamma mia... But we made it. Now I am back in Norway again. It was really sad saying bye to Sven (my boyfriend) even though I know it's just temporarily and that we are doing this to continue our lives in the best and most healthy way we can.

So since I came back I have been preparing and working on getting myself a job. I had an interview on Monday and I am doing an interview today! So cross your fingers for me people! It just might be that i have the luck with me and end up with a good job straight away! IIh! Excited and nervous in the same time!

#life #job #modeling #normallife #future #casting 

31.08.2016 Traveling

Road trip from Norway to Italy


I'm so excited right now! In just a few hours, my dad and I will wake up, get in the car and start driving down to Italy! I love driving cars, so obviously I am more than excited when I get to do a road trip. The reason for this road trip is not JUST vacation, but also the fact that my boyfriend and I are doing a lifestyle change slowly-slowly and I am moving all my stuff and our two cats back to Norway! We will drive from Norway, down Sweden, into Denmark, take the ferry to Germany and then from Germany down trough Austria and Switzerland until we end up in Milan! Omg I am so so excited!

#roadtrip #norge #italia #italy #norway #drive #familytrip #alwaysontheroad

27.08.2016 Videoblog

New video blog! Pre running talk!

26.08.2016 Food

My breakfast detox tea!

Just because I'm not doing full-time modeling anymore, doesn't give me an excuse to stop taking care of my body and health. I'm very lucky to live in the countryside, where I can find many great things in my garden and forest. So this morning I went out to pick some stinging needles, to prepare my breakfast tea! Most people hate stinging needles because it itches and burns a bit if you touch them, but few people know all the health benefits from drinking and eating it! It is full of nutrition and very good for your kidneys and body in general.
So what I tend to do is go out and cut some leafs and leave the stem. This way it keeps growing more leafs for me!

I never put boiled water on it, because if the water is too hot, it can destroy a lot of the nutrition. Instead, I warm it up 80% and then leave the tea for about 10 min, so the water can extract all the nutrition and goodies in the leafs!
I really recommend everyone to try it. I think it tastes great without anything extra in it, but if you don't, add a bit of lime! Super tasty!


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25.08.2016 Everydaylife

Time to be creative!

All my life I used to be a very creative person. Whether it was painting, drawing, building, designing, photography or something else, I was always making and creating something. While traveling and never really having one specific home, it sometimes became a bit difficult to keep up the creativity. For me at least. 
Now that I'm back in Norway, back on the farm where I grew up, it's returning.
So today I decided, since the weather is bad, to do something I haven't done in years. Candle design! It's really quite fun! If you haven't tried, I suggest you to do it!
I feel that the result turned out pretty good, even if I haven't done it in quite some time! What do you think? 
Now I'm gonna make myself a nice, warm cup of tea and sit and enjoy some candlelight!

I wish you all a great day!

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24.08.2016 Modellife

From Modeling to real life


The last 7 years of my life, I've been traveling the world as a fashion model. Experiencing things I had only dreamt of in my wildest dreams. It's been an incredible rollercoaster of experiences, emotions, people in and people out of my life. There has been many joys and many disappointments. While my other friends got educations in school, I got an education in life, people and culture. Obviously some education in fashion as well, but that is not the most important thing I'm taking away from all of this. Over the last months, I've slowly gotten to the conclusion that it was time for me to move on. Change direction. So I've decided to quit modeling. There are many things I would like to do in life, challenges to try and goals to complete. So I have made my decision to stop to travel as a model. I might not finish all modeling related jobs. If one pops up here and there I will be happy to do it, but I feel it's time for me to move on. On to the next chapter of my life. 
It's a weird sensation when you chose to end one part of your life. Something you have identified yourself with for quite some time is suddenly gone. Makes me feel a bit "naked".
But that's ok. A wise person once told me: If something is scary to do, do it!

I believe that to be true.. so here we go!

#modeling #modell #mote #fashion #life #photography #foto

19.02.2016 Videoblog

Why you shouldn't do gym!

18.02.2016 Food

How to create a great vegan meal!

I am continuing my journey down the vegan path. Lately I have had extremely little contact with animal products and I am so happy. So today I figured I would share some of my dishes with you guys! Maybe you will find it inspirational and try for your self! Please bare with me when it comes to the photos. Since my camera was stolen, I only have my iPhone. It does take nice photos, but it really can’t be compared to a proper Canon…

So first meal under here was my dinner from last night! Where I made risotto, Farro burger, gratinated Potato and tomato bun and fresh mixed salad.

Second one is a mixed farro and red bean salad. Mixed in corn, peas, tomato and paprika.

Third is todays breakfast bowl with biological soft farro with honey and soy “yoghurt” naturel.

They are all so good and all vegan! Try it!

#mat #vegansk #vegetar #vegan #vegetarian #helse #kropp 

17.02.2016 Exercise

That awkward moment when you go to gym and..

That awkward moment when you go to gym and forget that you have waxed your armpits, decide to wear a top and you realise during workout that your armpits are burning red! Oh great… yep, that’s what happen to me today. I have gotten super sensitive skin, so after a round with the wax strips, I really look bright red for some days. But oh well, I guess its better to be a bit red than go around with a huge bush under my arms! No judgement to those who do haha, whatever floats peoples boats!

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15.02.2016 Everydaylife

I came home to this..!

Lately has been a really good period. Everything feels good. Yesterday was valentine and I got to spend it with my boyfriend, watching movies and having amazing dinner, in bed! So today is not Valentines anymore, but that didn't stop my amazing boyfriend from spoiling me even more! After castings I came home, only to be surprised with the most amazing Italian hot chocolate! He even made it with almond milk! The feeling of putting up your feet, after running around the city and just have this amazingness served in my lap! OMG! It was too god! I'm lucky.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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14.02.2016 Fashion

Nelly wants! Need these in my closet!

I feel like I need some new stuff in my closet. I actually haven't been shopping in a really long time and I would love to have a few new pieces. I just love nelly.com, I have been ordering from them for years. Today I have been doing some online window-shopping again and I found these 4, that I would just love to have! What do you think? Something for you as well? You can find the link to all the items under the photos.

Dress 1 HERE Dress 2 HERE Dress 3 HERE Shoes HERE

#mote #shopping #klr #fashion #nelly

14.02.2016 Everydaylife

You'll never guess who I met yesterday

Yesterday was such a nice day. Malin and I decided to spend some time together and get out of the city for a bit. Well, we were still in Milano, but we went outside where there is a lot of nature and not a lot of cars and people! It was quite cold, but the sun was shining and the weather simply beautiful. As we walked down one field we ended up finding two beautiful horses. Omg I miss horses and horse riding so bad! These two beauties where more than interested in cuddling with us and we ended up staying there for a wile, just inhaling the lovely smell of a horse and enjoying burying our hands and faces in their fluffy and beautiful hair and body. You know the day is going to be great when you get to start it with horse cuddles! After we ended up in a Napolitan Pizzeria, who turned out to have 4of 5 stars in trip advisor.We ordered two pizzas and they were just awesome. Like, WOW, now that was a real pizza! We talked and ate for almost 2 hours, before we headed back home. The rest of the day I spent helping my sister out, fixing her Mac. Wow now that was a job. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse haha. But all in all a really great Saturday!

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13.02.2016 Modellife

My interview with Modellist-id.com is out!

You can read the full interview HERE

This is exciting. Some weeks ago I was contacted by modellist-id.com, where they wanted to do an interview with me for their website. Today it got published and I am really happy with the result! You can find the link to the full interview at the top!

#modell #interview #modellist.com

12.02.2016 Everydaylife

Please don't steal my shit

This post is just gonna be sad. Or atleast, sad for me. My Canon camera and 50 mm lens are completely gone. Seems like it has been stolen from my backpack at castings or something like that. It's a really shitty feeling, that someone would just steal my camera out of my bag. I know it happens to many people, not just me. But this is actually the very first time something like this has ever happen to me. It's shitty for so many reasons. I mean, the camera was not new, but i'm not rich. I'm not a super model or a top blogger and makes tons of money and can just pick up something new whenever something gets lost. I don't have that kind of money and cameras are really expensive as we all know... gah, so this post is pretty much just a frustration rant... I have never been the type of person either to just buy new stuff because I want it. I use my things until they break. This camera I have had for 7 years and it was a present from my family on my 18th birthday... So take care of your stuff people! People are sneaky!

#kamera #camera #people #mennesker

11.02.2016 Food

A vegan dinner for 2!

Today was a completely casting free day, which I used to clean down the house. Its crazy how often I have to clean this tiny apartment when we are 6 people living in it! After cleaning I headed to the store to hunt some dinner for me and Sven. I was in the mood to make something new, good, healthy and ofcourse vegan. So I ended up making Hummus with Arabic wholewheat bread for starters and Hash Browns and Farro with vegetables! Super good! Its crazy how filling Farro is and Hummus is becoming my new favorite food haha. Can't believe I didn't taste it until a month ago or something like that!

#food #mat #livsstil #modellmat

09.02.2016 Blog

The End of Wella

Here is a last picture shower from all the craziness from my Wella weekend!

08.02.2016 Blog

My hair, makeup and outfit for Wella!

08.02.2016 Blog

10K on Instagram!

Oh my, I'm so excited! Lately my instagram have been growing day by day, but last night I hit a milestone! 10k! Omg I can't believe over 10.000 people are following me on instagram! That is so exciting! A really nice way to start the day! Now I'm ready to kick some ass at todays big show!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat!

07.02.2016 Blog

Bitch don't waste my time!

Said no model ever, but I can assure you we have thought it once or twice! Today is not the case though. Modeling can seem glamorous and fancy, if you look at it from the outside. We aka models, show you short snaps and photos of the highlights and it all looks great. Not that it isn't but what most people don't realize is that when it comes to modeling, 90% of what you do, is sitting around waiting. Waiting in line for a casting. Waiting for the client to arrive, waiting for someone to do your makeup, waiting for the show to start and so on. Now it's almost 16:00 and I have spent most of these hours sitting and waiting. The thing is that I am not gonna cut and color my hair. If I did, I would have to redo my entire portfolio. That's not a good idea. I'm just doing styling, meaning that I have to sit and wait and watch everyone else color and cut their hair. Thank god for 3g! But the people are amazing and the energy is up, so I will not complain. Could be worse!

07.02.2016 Blog

The Wella Show! Part 1

So I'm back in Bologna. This time it's for Wella. As the good model as I am, I went early to bed last night. Only problem was, I never fell asleep..! So here I am, almost 10 hours later in Bologna, without any sleep. I guess it's like my mom used to say: you get some rest even just be staying in bed trying to sleep. Might be true. I feel pretty ok. So now we just arrived and the stylists are going trough every ones hair and starting to prepare and color the girls who do cut and color. I'm not one of them. I do styling only. Gonna be a lot of blogposts today and tomorrow so stay tuned!

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